Monday, September 15, 2008

Gallery 1C03 is looking for a few great art lovers! ... Are you one of them?

Gallery 1C03 at the University of Winnipeg is excited about what it does, and wants to spread the campus gallery joy ;-)
  • Are you a student at the University of Winnipeg or U of W’s Collegiate?
  • Are you interested in visual and media art?
  • Are you interested in gaining valuable experience that will shine bright on a resume?
  • Or, maybe you’re serious about pursuing a career in the arts and know that demonstrated experience in the field will give you a much needed advantage...
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then continue reading below to find out more about a full spectrum of interesting opportunities available for the taking!

To volunteer with Gallery 1C03, contact Art Curator, Milena Placentile, by calling 204.786.9253 or by sending an email to m[dot]placentile[at]uwinnipeg[dot]ca.

Be sure to share some info about yourself including what you love about art, and what sorts of activities you’d like to help with. And, while you’re at it, feel free to mention any specific skills you may have. Erm, other than standing on your head while reciting the alphabet backwards… although one never knows when that might come in handy at an opening ;-) Ha ha!

We’re looking for people interested in joining one or more of the following teams:

* The Gallery 1C03 Street Team offers awesome experience for people interested in marketing and PR. Plus, it’s a great excuse to spend even more time on Facebook. As if you needed a reason ;-) This team will distribute posters and fliers around the campus and elsewhere in Winnipeg, as well as come up with ways to get people excited about the Gallery’s exhibitions and programs.

* The Gallery 1C03 Online Commentators provides members with a chance to refine their writing skills and gain experience publishing critical writing online. Blog about our shows, write about related exhibitions, and report on artist talks, panel discussions, educational programming and tours.

* The Gallery 1C03 Paparazzi will have a chance to hone their skills documenting exhibition openings, artist talks and other events. In some cases, the paparazzi will be able to complement their skills capturing live energy to by producing skillful installation photos for archival purposes. Photos will be posted to and our Facebook account for all to adore!

* The Gallery 1C03 Elbow Grease and Muscle Team is perfect for people who’d like to surround themselves with art and get a little exercise at the same time. Okay, so stuffing envelopes isn’t exactly exercise,* but moving stuff around such as bricks and rocks, and sometimes art, can definitely work up a sweat. Keep in mind; this would be a “careful movements while handling the art” kind of sweat ;-)

So now you’re asking…

What was that about bricks and rocks?

Yes indeed, our next exhibition will include unloading a truck of raw material for two sculptural installations. Unloading will take place on September 22 and re-loading will take place on October 23. If you’d like to join the “rock party”, give the Art Curator a shout!

Gallery 1C03 welcomes volunteers to come on board at any time, but why wait? The sooner you get started, the more fun you’ll have and the more experience you’ll gain.

Call now!


*Collegiate students might even be able to count this type of work toward physical education credits…

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