Friday, November 21, 2008

Creative Cities from the Grassroots Up -- Thank you!

G1C03 wishes to extend a warm thank you to everyone who joined us on November 13 for our panel discussion, "Creative Cities from the Grassroots Up". The presentations by each of our three speakers and respondent were very well received and stimulated fantastic conversation. The critique of Richard Florida's "Creative City" (that is, one that supports culture as a commodity, but not as a critical practice, and certainly not as a practice invested with political meaning and the capacity for resistance) was heard loud and clear, and audiences agreed that there is more to a city than the economic activity it can generate.

In a few weeks, we anticipate that we’ll be able to post video documentation of our event, so if you weren’t able to join us, you’ll at least be able to see and hear what was presented. Maybe we can continue the conversation right here on our blog?

In the meantime, please find below a few images...

Thanks to Marlo Campbell from Uptown Magazine and Andrew McMonagle from The Uniter, we also received some great coverage and commentary!

Click here to read this great report.

Click here, too!

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