Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A belated THANK YOU to The Uniter

It's grant writing season, which inevitably means that all the brain cells normally dedicated to swift multitasking are repurposed to focus.on.one.thing.only ;-)

However, those brain cells decided to take a break and, in doing so, realized that we had not yet thanked The Uniter for providing great, detailed coverage of our last exhibition of the season, Everett Soop: Journalist, Cartoonist, Activist.

The exhibition may already be down and shipped back to Calgary, but it is hopefully not too late to thank Noni Brynjolson for the article below. Please click on the image for a more reasonably sized view, or, better still, click here to be transported to The Uniter’s website!

And, of course, how could we forget about The Uniter’s great choice to feature one of Soop’s cartoons on the cover of an earlier issue? We can’t forget, and we haven’t. Thanks for helping us circulate news about this important exhibition, and most significantly, for helping Soop’s thoughtful social/political criticism reach an even wider audience!

Click here to reach the complete issue…

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