Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Art Education and The Pinky Show @ Gallery 1C03

On November 9th and 11th 2009, the Art Club from R.B.Russell school and a class from Children of the Earth school visited Gallery 1C03 to take in our current exhibit, "The Pinky Show: Class Treason Stories (excerpts)." Special thanks to teachers Stacey Abramson, Pancho Puelles, and Moraina MacDonald.

After watching the newest Pinky Show video installation in the gallery, the students went on to check out the Pinky banners and other Pinky vids on the computers. We had some very insightful discussions about the ways that art can communicate with us, and allow us to communicate with others. The students then proceeded to make mini-zines, partially inspired by The Pinky Show's evocative combination of text and visual material, as well as their arresting juxtaposition of cartoon kitties with serious political engagement. One student aptly described Pinky's method as "an innocent slap to the face." We were very impressed by the students' engagement and dexterity with The Pinky Show's concepts and artistic strategies.

Special thanks to Jessica Jacobson-Konefall, Gallery 1C03's art educator, for conducting this program.

Please find below some images from the students' checking out the banners and installation :)

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