Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Artwork of the Week!

This summer, Gallery 1C03 presents Artwork of the Week!, a weekly selection designed to acquaint our online audience with holdings from The University of Winnipeg’s Art Collection.

Artwork of the Week!
Week 1:

H. Eric Bergman (1893-1958)
Colour woodcut, 10/100
Gift of H. E. J. Bergman

Dusk (alternately titled After Dusk) is one of two colour woodcut prints created by Bergman in The University of Winnipeg Art Collection. Though it is undated, Dusk was likely completed in the late-1920s or early-1930s and it depicts the Lake of the Woods area, a favourite theme for this artist.

Bergman was best known for his wood engravings, which he began to create in 1926 and have been exhibited internationally. During the following three decades, Bergman printed nearly 100 different images, mainly of botanicals and landscapes. Regardless of subject, all of Bergman’s wood engravings reveal his keen sense of observation and exquisite attention to detail, planning and proportion. He was indeed a master of this medium.

Check out this artwork on display in Gallery 1C03 until the end of this week!

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