Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Artwork of the Week!

Week 8:

Nikola Bjelajac (1919-2006)
Kennedy Street

Milwaukee born Nikola Bjelajac is most recognized for his teaching contributions. He obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees in Art Education from the Milwaukee State Teachers’ College and the University of Wisconsin respectively. After completing his studies, Bjelajac immigrated to Canada where he taught drawing and painting at the Universities of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and at the Banff school of Fine Arts. In 1964, Bjelajac and fellow artist Steve Repa founded the Forum Art Institute in Winnipeg, a not-for-profit art school that continues to operate today. Although Bjelajac spent most of his time teaching, he pursued his artistic work during summer months. The University of Winnipeg owns three watercolours by Bjelajac, the medium in which he excelled. All three images, including Kennedy Street, are studies of urban architecture and their vibrant colour schemes and expressive brush strokes signal the activity of the city. In Kennedy Street, one distinct architectural element is certainly recognizable: the dome of Manitoba’s Legislature is visible beyond the apartment buildings in the foreground.

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