Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Free art education program at Gallery 1C03

John M. King School visit to Herstory exhibit in March of 2013

John M. King School visit to Herstory exhibit in March of 2013
Gallery 1C03 continues to offer FREE art education programming for school and community groups! We are presently offering a one hour program that includes a tour of Ian August's exhibition RE: BUILD THEM, followed by discussion and an art activity. 

Students will look at the paintings, watch the airport video and peek through the peep hole at the Factory model in RE: BUILD THEM. Then, Gallery 1C03's volunteer art educators will engage children in a discussion about the Bauhaus utopian vision of wanting designers, craftspeople and artists to work together to create buildings that fulfill the needs of modern society. We will talk about what makes a building a great place to live/work/learn in today.

The activity portion of the program will see the students use reclaimed materials to create models of their own ideal structures. Students will be given designated roles in their creations which echo the Bauhaus idea of collaboration. After the activity the groups will meet and briefly discuss their creations with one another. Through this activity students will gain insight into the importance of collaboration in the creative process.
In the past Gallery 1C03 has welcomed students in grades 1 - 12 from schools across Winnipeg and even in other parts of the province. We have also hosted visits from Art City, Girl Guide troupes and the UWSA daycare. We would welcome a visit from you and your students!
If you are interested in engaging youth with some great local artists in an educational setting, contact Gallery 1C03 Director/Curator Jennifer Gibson to book a visit with your group. But don't delay: the exhibit (and tours) are only available until December 7!

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