Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Video & audio from previous public programs now on-line!

Triple Abzurbs Threat performance, September of 2010.

We're going to wrap up 2013 with some video and audio files from previous Gallery 1C03 programs. Back in September of 2010, the Gallery featured a solo exhibition called Pilgrims featuring paintings by Dominique Rey. To accompany the exhibition Dominique and her friends from Triple Abzurbs Threat carried out a live(ly) performance on the front lawn of The University of Winnipeg. Highlights from that performance, wherein they called for the public to try out to be part of their troupe, can be found here.

(Re)presenting Masculinities panelists Kegan McFadden, Bruno Cornellier & Bill Kirby, October, 2013.

More recently Gallery 1C03 organized the panel discussion (Re)presenting Masculinities to accompany the exhibition Boys Club. The panel included presentations by Dr. Bruno Cornellier, Bill Kirby and Kegan McFadden. You can now listen to these presentations here.

To find out what is coming up next at Gallery 1C03 please visit our updated home page.

Gallery 1C03 wishes you a lovely holiday season and we look forward to connecting with you again in 2014!

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